White Skin/Black Soul

22. college bitch.


Wow I just really hate my life and who I’ve become. I’ve given up all of myself to someone who couldn’t care less if I lived or died. I’ve given up my family, friends, opportunities, my own hobbies and interests. I don’t go shopping or get my nails done or hang out with friends. ALL my money and spare time goes to someone who wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire. I work 40+ hours a week at a dead end job for minimum wage and I spend more than I make in a week on gas, groceries, weed and anything else he desires. I don’t do anything for myself. I come home and do dishes and laundry instead of relaxing on my lunch break. I don’t go out, go tanning, or anything on my own because I’ll just be accused of shit even though there’s never been any kind of cheating or even evidence to suggest such a thing like texting or anything. Idk what to do anymore. I don’t even feel human anymore. I have no one. No friends or family, I’ve isolated myself from everyone. And the person who I love more than anything, who I devote my life to, treats me worse than a stranger. I have no one to talk to, No place to live, I can’t support myself with my shit job. What do I do? There’s nothing that’s going to make me get out of bed. I have nothing to live for. I have nothing and no one.

Children are perverted

Today at work this 3 year old girl in my class pulls her shorts and panties to the side and flashes her friends her crotch -.-

I tell my supervisor and she goes, “What’s a little vag among friends? ”



Osamu Watanabe


Osamu Watanabe

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Fucking wish I had gone just a 1/16th” deeper.  Pussy I can’t do anything right.

Fucking wish I had gone just a 1/16th” deeper. Pussy I can’t do anything right.

So this is how I woke up at 4:30 this a.m…

In a dead sleep or damn near close I get head butted awake and accused of masturbating. Which of course is impossible since I’m asleep. Not the first Time this has happened too. Imagine getting hit while you’re asleep for something you didn’t even do?

I’m back

It’s probably been like over a year now since I’ve posted. Shout out to any followers I have left - you Da best! I’m back for now. My life has become nothing but crippling pain. I’m here to document it, just in case anything ever happened someone will know the story.


My bitter thoughts

they morph to tears

then drip into a beautiful sea of memories


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*cha cha dances away from emotional attachment*

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Don’t do drugs. Do me
Do drugs and me.
Do drugs with me. And then do me.

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